Success Stories from the Interview Advisers Community

Questions & Answers Interview Advisers has helped thousands of jobseekers get hired from school teachers and nurses to accountants and senior managers, and everyone in between. 93% of members of the Interview Advisers community reported having success with getting a job, while 97% said they were satisfied with the course and would recommend it to a friend (according to a recent survey of over 3,000 community members).

Latest success stories by industry:

"I got the job! I also negotiated the benefits package I wanted."

"I am so thankful I joined Interview Advisers. I have always been good at interviewing but at the same time there was just always something missing. I knew to research the company but would frequently get lost in my search and would end up overwhelmed. I tried to prepare as best I could for interview questions but there was always a few questions that gave me pause and left me giving a just "okay" half answer. After joining Interview Advisers I went into my job search with a better cover letter, more focused company research and better preparation for the interview. More than once the interviewer commented "you answer all of my questions very thoroughly, I appreciate that." Thank goodness I was able to anticipate all of the questions due to this website! I can say that thanks to you, I got the job! I also negotiated the benefits package I wanted. I am more than pleased with this purchase.

I was amazed at the connections I shared with the people I was interviewing with leaving me able to call in people I knew to put in a good word for me. It also lead me to other names in the company to research so that when I went into the interview I knew more about the company than anyone could've expected. I also used your compensation negotiation guide to secure a $15,000 raise."

Lorie, Paralegal